Luxry County Westmeath Tartan Kilt

With the County Westmeath Tartan Kilt, you can flaunt your Irish pride. This kilt honors the resilient character of the area with a unique tartan pattern inspired by the rich tradition of County Westmeath. Its authentic and comfortable...
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Luxry County Westmeath Tartan Kilt

Luxry County Westmeath Tartan Kilt

$100.00 $55.00

Luxry County Westmeath Tartan Kilt

$100.00 $55.00

Complete Customize Kilt:

Scottish Kilt Jacket is an Ultimate Clothing and Accessories Store, Scottish Kilt Jacket, provides a Wide Selection of Fine Custom-Made Outfits. We provide the highest level of customization so you can design your own Kilt. We created a specially crafted Kilt just for you. Simply use the choices listed above to finish customizing your kilt and get a cutting-edge garment that fits you perfectly.

Size Guide From Scottish Kilt Jacket

it’s very important to know how to measure your Kilt size before buying a Kilt, Fortunately, it’s super easy to do, and we only need four measurements. You’ll need a tailor’s measuring tape, which you can get at any sewing or craft store if you don’t already have one. Don’t use a metal tape measure! You also want a trustworthy assistant to help.

Also, and this is super important, do not use your pants measurements! They are lying to you about your waist size and can not be trusted.

I wear a 34 in Levis but my kilts range from 36-39 inches, depending on where I wear it. If you send us your jeans waist size your kilt won’t fit and you’ll be a sad panda.

1. Waist

Blue Line Decide where you’d like to wear your kilt. You can wear it up at your natural waist, which is a wee bit above your belly button, and higher than guys tend to wear their pants nowadays. You can also wear your kilt lower, closer to the hips like your jeans or shorts. It’s up to you and what you find most comfortable. Having said that, if you’re a Gentleman of Substance I generally suggest wearing your kilt higher up. It’s much more flattering than having the waistband under your stomach, and the front of the kilt will hang nicely.

Alrighty then! Take your measuring tape and run it around yourself where you want the top of your kilt to sit. Do pull it just slightly snugly. Not tight, just snug. Stand straight and let things fall where they may. No sucking in or pushing out of the gut.

2. Hip – Red Line

Measure loosely around the widest part of your backside. How do you know where the widest part is? Stand with your back to a wall and slowly back up. The bit that touches the wall first is where you want your Trusty Assistant to measure.

3. Distance between waist and Hip

Run the tape from where you measured your waist to where you measured your hip. The pleats will be sewn down along the fell, which is part of what gives a kilt its unique swish and swing when you move.

4. Kilt Length – Green Line

A kilt is worn roughly at the knee. If you like a very traditional look then you’ll want to have your kilt at the top of your knee. If you’re not one for rules and like your kilt to ride low on your hips then you might like to have it at the bottom of your knee. In the photos above, my kilt is right about mid-knee because that’s how I roll. Okay, stand nice and straight and have your Trusty Assistant measure down your side from where you took your waist measurement to the spot on your knee where you want the hem of your kilt to fall. Done and done.

Remember, these measurements are important and need to be accurate. Measure twice, then measure a third time to be sure. If it feels like something isn’t right, or if you have any questions, please let me know.

Measuring Guide: Made-to-Measure Argyll Jacket

1. Chest size: Taken around the circumference of the chest, with your arms down.

2. Waist: Taken around the narrowest point of the waist.

3. Nape to waist: From the nape of the neck to where your waist measurement was taken.

4. Back length: Taken from the nape of the neck, to where you would like the jacket to end (this is personal preference).

5. Sleeve: Taken from the crown of the shoulder to your cuff, following the contour of your sleeve (with a relaxed arm, don't straighten.)

6. Shoulder: Measure from the top of the shoulder from sleeve joint to sleeve joint.


How to measure: Prince Charlie's Jacket

1. Chest size: Taken around the circumference of the chest, with your arms down.

2. Waist: Taken around the narrowest point of the waist.

3. Nape to waist: From the nape of the neck to where your waist measurement was taken.

4. Sleeve/ Crown of Shoulder to Cuff: Taken from the crown of the shoulder to your cuff (with a relaxed arm, don't straighten.)

5. Shoulder: Measure from the top of the shoulder from sleeve joint to sleeve joint


How to measure: Doublets jacket


By wrapping the measuring tape around the neck, put it about one inch above from shoulders. This may also coincide with the bottom of your Adam's apple. put a finger between the tape and your neck so it does not feel tight or loose. make sure the tape is at level and not bent or at an angle note down the neck size.


To measure the shoulder width Measure from one shoulder edge to the other from the back. These points are where the shoulder meets the arm. Run the measuring tape from one point to the other shoulder from above the shoulders about an inch below the neck.


For Jacket measurement, this is an important part. Measure around the widest part of your chest, place the tape close under the arms, and make sure the tape is level and flat across the front and back. while in a relaxed position note down the chest measurement and you are good to go.


To measure the waist size for the jacket wrap the tape around the widest part of your stomach, this is usually across the belly button. Do not breathe in or out, keeping yourself normal & relax take waist measurements.


To measure Sleeve length put one end of the measuring tape at the upper shoulder edge where the shoulder meets the arm, and run the tape along the outside of your arm down to the wrist. make sure that the arm is bent to ensure the proper movement.


Back length is the measurement from the base of the center Back Neck Point or cervical to the natural waistline level across the belly button.


Measure your body height standing straight against the wall.



Your Tailor at Scottish Kit Jacket.


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